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Flyer has been dedicated to design and construction of steel silo since it was established, and now Flyer has become one of the most out standing complete steel silo solution in China.

We provide our client service from silo designing, silo manufacturing, on site construction and silo maintenance.

Flyer owns the most advanced German silo forming equipment and expertise. We specializes in the research, development, design and relative product sales and service. Our storage silos are wildly applied in the area of cement industry, building material storage, mineral powder storage, fly ash storage, grain and oil industry, waste water treatment and other fields.

After decades ups and downs, we have now become one of the leaders in steel silo insdutry. The steel silos we built are highly praised by our customers, our project is now spread all over the world.

Silo Design and Silo On Site Construction

We provide silos for different areas

Flyer steel silo adopts the most advanced silo bending technology from Germany. Flyer spiral steel silos can be used in industrial powder storage, chemical storage, grain storage, environmental protection solution and other areas.We provide our customer services of professional steel silo design, silo on site construction, steel silo after-sale service and so on.

Application and Construction of Flyer Spiral Steel Silo
Advanced technology

Flyer adopts the most advanced Lipp silo double seam system and equipment. We can construct different diameters of silos from 4m to 25m.

Short construction period

Compared to other types of silo, our equipment can provide a shaping speed of 3-5m per minute, so a cement silo with a capacity of 1000 tons could be done within 5-7 days.

Experienced construction team

Flyer has a professional silo designing team and silo on site construction team, some of our workers have more than 20 years silo construction experience.

Long service life

Flyer steel silo has a long service of more than 30 years. The steel silo has a good sealing performance and wild application.

How to determine the tonnage silo for grain storage?

The grain storage steel silo and grain wearhouse are applied in the grain industry, mainly in two aspects: one is food and oil processing factories, another is used in grain terminal.

13 October 2018
What you should take into consideration before construct a cement storage silo?

The application of cement steel silo is quite extensive, in many factories, there the cement is needed, and where the cement storage silo is also needed. Cement silos are helpful in their business.

08 October 2018
Why do we choose spiral silos for grain storage system?

Grain steel silo is also known as grain bin, grain storage steel silo. Why and how do we choose grain storage system?

08 October 2018
Successful Projects

Flyer has built thousands of silos around the world.We hold the spirit of “take every case seriously” to tread every silo we constructed.

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