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About Agico Cement Lipp silo

Lipp steel silo is also called Spiral steel silo. As a storage tool, the main role of the steel silo is to storage grain, fly ash, slag powder, cement, chemical and so on.  
Lipp steel silo double seam technology is a patented technology of the German technical engineer called Xavef Lipp. It applies the principle of metal plastic working hardening and thin shell structure. Use special technology and equipment to apply 2 to 4 mm thick galvanized steel (or stainless steel). According to the “spiral, double-seam and cleanching" process to create a Lipp steel storage silo with a volume of 100 to 5000 m3.

Lipp steel silo, also known as spiral steel silo, as the name implies, the whole silo body is spiraled and concatenated by using professional equipment. The Lipp technical silo has a short construction period, a relatively low cost, and a good quality. It occupies a small area, has no scaffolding on the floor to install the silo top, and is easy to construct. In recent years, due to the superior performance and other advantages of Lipp silo, the steel silos have quickly occupied the silo market. Steel silos now are wildly used in grain storage and other industrial powder storage.

Preparation of steel storage silo

Customized design

Once the order is settled. Generally, customers need to provide their design drawing of the steel silo. We can also provide free design for customers. Customers are required to provide our designing team detail data such as material to contain, field scale, special demand and so on. The design drawing must be confirmed by both customers and our company to make sure the safety and the veracity, also to avoid unnecessary divergence.
silo design description

Preferential Capacity Table

This is a table that summarized by our technology with years experience and test, this table is a reference to these who have no idea how large their want their silos to be. According to this table. The standard silo is both aesthetically and practically.

The minimum diameter of the steel storage silo is 3 meters and the maximize is 28 meters. The angle of the conical top is recommend to be 15°.

table header 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25
4 75 88 100 113 126 138 151 163 176 188 201                  
5 118 137 157 177 196 216 236 255 275 295 314 334 353              
6     226 254 283 311 339 367 396 424 452 480 509              
7         385 423 462 500 539 577 615 654 693 731 770          
8         502 553 603 653 703 754 804 854 904 955 1005 1056 1106      
9             763 827 890 954 1017 1081 1145 1208 1272 1336 1400      
10             942 1021 1099 1178 1256 1335 1413 1492 1570 1649 1728      
11             1140 1235 1330 1425 1520 1615 1710 1805 1900 1996 2091      
12             1356 1470 1583 1696 1808 1922 2035 2148 2261 2374 2487 2601 2714 2827
13                1592 1725 1857 1990 2122 2255 2388 2521 2653 2786 2919 3053 3186 3318
14                     2308 2462 2616 2769 2923 3077 3231 3385 3559 3695 3848
15                    2649 2826 3003 3179 3356 3533 3709 3886 4062 4241 4418
16                         3617 3818 4019 4220 4421 4624 4825 5027
17                         4048 4310 4537 4764 4991      
18                            4578 4832 5087 5341 5595      
19                         5101 5384 5668 5951 6234      
20                         5652 5966 6280 6594 6908      
22                         6842 7223 7603 1982 8362      
24                         8143 8595 9048          
25                         8835 9326 9817          

Semi-finished steel parts

Because of filed limited, some welded parts will be pre-manufactured and packed in our factory before delivery to best save cost on construction site and shorten construction duration. These may include all accessory parts, steel plate and other parts. Our steel plate and all accessories are all made of galvanized steel sheet.

semi-pack-in-factory semi pack in factory semi pack in factory

semi pack in factory semi pack in factory semi pack in factory

On site construction procedure of Flyer steel storage silo

There are seven steps for on site construction procedure. The core of the construction is by using our spiral folding technology, it is also a symbol of Lipp silo unique technology which is different from other type of steel storage silo.
lipp silo technology
The main equipment that used in the construction process are decoiling machine, forming machine, bending machine and supporting bears. The use of these equipment will be introduced elaborately in the following steps.

steel silo on site construction

on site silo construction steps

Equipment location

The first thing to do is locate all the necessary equipment on the decided on site location. There should be prepared concrete base or steel frame base. The selection of base is depend on different elements. P.S. The base construction does not contained in our bossiness scope. The diameter of the base is according to the size of the steel storage silo. When all the equipment are settled in the correct place, the construction of steel storage silo process can be started.
equipment forming equipment supporting bears

Silo bending

First of all, Use the decoiling machine to decoil the galvanized steel strip coils. During the construction process, the decoiled steel strip will be delivered to the forming machine. The forming machine will bend the steel strips to a certain radian according to the request of the target steel storage silo. With the help of silo forming machine, the bended steel strips after the bending machine can be seamed together to the double-seam system.  
When the steel galvanized steel strip coils formed into double system, we need to use supporting bears to support the whole construction of the silo and make sure with the help of bearing support, the whole structure can keep rising.
silo bending silo bending silo bending

Silo roof installation

Accompanying with the rising of the whole body, when the main body of the silo raises to a certain height, normally 2 meters high. Our workers will start to install the roof of the silo. Because the height of silo is range from 6 meters to 25meters, which is too high that the safety of workers can not be guaranteed. After the installation of the roof, the forming and bending will continue and the silo will keep raising.
top inside

Stiffeners fixing

With the raising of the silo, our worker will start to weld the steel stiffeners. Steel stiffeners are used to help the structure of the silo more stable and makes the silo lasting long and hard to collapse. We also use double stiffener plates to ensure the stability of stiffeners.
stiffener fixing stiffener fixing

Silo lifting

For some small diameters steel storage silos or silos built on the ground. We usually use a crane to lift the whole body to load the steel silo on the basement. The main part of the silo has been complete.
silo lifting silo-lifting

Auxiliary equipment installation

After finished the silo body construction. Customers will always order some auxiliary equipment fixed on the silo that used to maintain and check the condition of the silo. There are some necessary auxiliary equipment, such as roof air vent, used to keep the air flowing, the ladder system, build by the side of the silo, and other auxiliary to make up the whole silo system.
air vent silo gate ladder
We undertake turn key project from equipment location to auxiliary equipment installation, this does not only because we can ensure the quality of whole parts but also you can get the most cost effective offer.
If you get any question, you can send us e-mail, we are wiling to answer your questions.
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