How do we use a grain bin properly?

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Today, the construction of large spiral steel bins is an important product of the storage industry. It is used in cement plants to store stones, clinker, aggregates, granules, slag powder and other materials. It is store coal and fly ash in the power plant. Commercial mixed station, dock, grain storage, etc., grain steel bin construction time is relatively short, investment is less, the green environmental protection indicators are fully achieved, and it is not easy to cause losses due to environmental pollution.

grain storage bin

How to proper use a grain bin?

After the construction of the grain bin, the implementation of the grain bin must be completely in accordance with the instructions for the use of the grain bin. It is strictly forbidden to increase the ceiling machinery or other subordinate components. A key focus of the promotion of large-scale steel silos is the low maintenance price during the subsequent use, but the premise is to adhere to the provisions of the storage and use manual, and carry out regular repairs according to the regulations. Different repair methods are used depending on the characteristics of the stock. When storing cement clinker, it is more than 200°. If the temperature is too high, the storage body will be deformed and unsafe problems will occur. When the fly ash steel bin uses the energy to input the material, the burden should not exceed 1.0Mpa; ensure that the vent hole of the silo is unblocked. If it is found that the vent is dusty, it should be cleaned in time, and no dust can be accumulated in the bag. It is necessary to regularly check whether the ventilating holes in the top of the store can be unblocked, and to prevent excessive burdens in the store.

  1. The grain steel bin is strictly prohibited from being eccentrically discharged during use.
  2. In order to ensure the safe use of the grain bin body, it is necessary to carry out the settlement test according to the relevant requirements of the state in the construction and trial loading. It is necessary to closely understand that the settlement of the warehouse foundation is different, and the settlement test is recorded.
  3. The first loading is filled with the first 30% for the first time, 20% for the second time, 30% for the third time, and 20% for the fourth time. After each loading, it is necessary to stand still for some time. The first three times are not less than half month, the last one is not less than one month.

Proper operations and unporper operations during the use of grain bin

Whether it is a spiral grain bin or a welede grain bin, because of their relatively thin wall and easy to dew. People are skeptical about whether they can store grain for a long time. However, after investigation by a instution, there are some grain bin owners find it due to proper ventilation, cleaning measures and perfect management, they have stored the material for over 3 years without gone bad. But some users, due to lack of supporting technology and management. Serious pests and bad grain accident happens with no more than 6 months, which warn us that proper storage of grain is nonnegligible.

venlation of grain silo

Here are some advices

  • Before the grain enters the grain bin, the water content must not exceed the standard, and it must meet the national standard for safe grain storage. If the water exceeds the standard, the moisture inside the grain pile shows a tendency to slowly dissipate from the inside of the grain to the surface, and then to the air in the gap of the grain. It is difficult for the grain moisture to escape from the air that does not flow. It is in the grain. Aggregate between grains, when the wet state reaches the saturation point, it begins to coagulate, which leads to fermentation and local temperature rise, which in turn causes the grain to release water and accelerate the corresponding fermentation process.
  • When the ambient temperature rises, the grain is in the middle. Some dust, impurities, must be ventilated to ensure that food aerobic breathing, food is the organism of life, it has respiratory function.
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