Calcined petroleum coke storage silo

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calcined petroleum coke storage silo

Introduction of calcined petroleum coke silo

Flyer also provide storage steel silo for calcined petroleum coke. Petroleum coke is a solid black or dark gray solid petroleum product with a metallic luster and is porous. It is a carbonaceous material composed of tiny graphite crystals that are granular, columnar or acicular. The main uses of petroleum coke are prebaked anodes and anode pastes for electrolytic aluminum, carbon additives for the carbon industry, graphite electrodes, silicon for smelting industry, and fuels. Calcined petroleum coke is mainly used for the production of graphite electrodes, carbon paste products, diamond sand, food grade phosphorus industry, metallurgical industry and calcium carbide, among which the graphite electrode is the most widely used. Raw coke can be directly used for calcium carbide as main ingredient of calcium carbide without calcination, and silicon carbide and boron carbide are produced as abrasive materials. It can also be directly used as blast furnace for metallurgical industry coke or blast furnace wall-lined carbon bricks, and can also be used for dense coke casting process. Our steel silo is suitable for all kinds of calcined petroleum coke storage and meet all environment requirements. 
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