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<b>Cement storage silo</b>

Cement storage silo

Cement storage silos, endless to say, it is used to store industrial cement. The silo uses galvanized sheet and has the characteristic of long lasting and anti-corrosion....More>>

<b>Chemical storeage silo</b>

Chemical storeage silo

Chemical storage silo, as the name suggests, is used for chemical storage. Chemicals are always dangerous product, keep them in the chemical storage silo can keep them stable....More>>

Industrial powder storage silo

Industrial powder storage silo

Industrial powders are common seen in lots of construction sets, it is necessary to store them in industrial silos and make sure they are well stored....More>>

<b>Grain storage silo</b>

Grain storage silo

Grain silos is usually farming silos, it can be used in big farms and food process factory. There are always corn silos, wheat silos, or other kind of grain silo....More>>

Lime storage silo

Lime storage silo

lime silo is a spiral silos that uses high quality steel plate supported by Handan Steel group. Our lime silo is reliable since we have built so many successful project....More>>

<b>Coal storage silo</b>

Coal storage silo

Coal silos are always used in coal mining areas, coals the dig out will be stored in these welded silos and waiting for delivery. Coals are flammable and it is safe to be kept in coal silos. ...More>>

Slag storage silo

Slag storage silo

We can construct sing slag storage silo and we can also build slag silo plant, the size and scale is determined by our customer, all our silos are design-able according to the willing of clients....More>>

<b>Fly ash silo</b>

Fly ash silo

Fly ash is difficult to store and fly ash silo need cleaning. We can help you construct fly ash silos and we can also provide you a silo cleaning guide....More>>

Calcined petroleum coke storage silo

Calcined petroleum coke storage silo

Flyer calcined petroleum coke storage silo is a kind of galvanized steel silo, our galvanized steel coils are from Han-Steel which is one of the biggest steel group in China, the quality is reliable....More>>

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