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hopper bottom silo

Introduction of hopper bottom silo

Hopper bottom silo also called cone bottom silo, hopper bottom storage bins, hopper bins, is a different kind of flat bottom silo in the silo foundation. The silo is constructed on a steel-frame structure, which is different from the flat bottom silo. The stored material inside the silo is isolated from the ground which can preventing humidity. The hopper bottom silo is erected on the steel frame structure to make the material uploading easily though gravity.
Hopper bottom silos are widely applied for the storage of grains (sunflower seeds, soy, maize, sorghum, rice, industrial products and other products, etc) and feed pellets for animal, poultry and fish that require special storage conditions. They can also provide temporary storage of wet grain as part of a grain drying plant and other buffer bin applications in silo plants. They are widely used in poultry farm, rice mill, flour mill, soybean-oil mill, animal feed mill plant and brewery plant. Grain Stored inside the silo can be discharged easily through it’s self flow along the cone. After loading, there will be no grain remained in the silo. The storage of other free flowing products like pellets for other industrial plants is also possible.
hopper silo project  hopper silo project
Like flat bottom steel storage silo, hopper bottom silo can also be designed and installed with heat retaining layer to meet your special insulated grain storage demands. Hopper bottom insulated bins are effective facilitates to keep the stored products in finest quality and constant temperature from the dewdrop and moldy influence. The insulated bins are widely used in places where the temperature is large difference between the day and night and humid sites like seaside, they are also widely used in places where the weather are very cold at all seasons which can influence the seed vitality. Steel insulated bins will keep the stored products in controlled condition.

Unique details of hopper bottom silo

silo structure
Flyer has so many successful silo project in the world, what makes our customers choose Flyer silos instead of other silos. Here is a picture of Flyer hopper bottom silo details.

1. Silo Roof Inside

The silo roof is firmly fixed on the silo by welding, and the inside is strengthened by using many sniffier, the painted components inside the roof can prevent corrosion and do not afraid of heavy rains, heavy snows or other bad weather.

2. Roof Air Vent

When the air inside the silo expels from the silo, the air vent is activated, the air will be pushed out.  

3. Silo Body Galvanized Coils

Our galvanized coils and other steel components are all come from Han-Steel, which now is a part of HBIS Group. Our galvanized coils are with 275g/m2 zinc which is higher than the national standard to make sure the silo is anti corrosion and can serve for longer time.

4. Steel stiffener

The steel stiffener is used to strengthen the stability of the silo. With these stiffeners, the silo can stand still in strong wind and bad weather. The stiffener weld on the plate uses double weld panels to hold the stiffener.

5. Rest Platform

The rest platform is designed on for workers who check the silo condition and would have a small place during if get tired. It is much safe for works to have a rest during long time outside work.

6. Roof Ladder Handrail

This part is help to keep safe of workers, It provides convenience for workers’ operation and ensures their safety.

7. Silo Clamping Apparatus

It can keep the silo free from the impact of outside temperature, and can prevent the silo from splitting in the welding process.

8. Lipp Construction Technology

The Lipp double-seam technology is an advanced technology in the world which requires certain assembly equipment. The edge of the steel strips are folded twice which make both sheet bit tight and provide a great sealing effect.

9. Ladder System

The ladder is built outside of the silo for worker to to check to condition of the silo. The ladder is the access to the top of the silo.

10. Silo Gate

The silo gate is well sealed with double gate, inside one and out side one, which is safe and anti corrosion.
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