The details of steel silo construction process

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We have introduced the steel silo construction process, today we will describe the steel silo construction in a different way.

how to build a silo

What equipment is needed to build a silo?

The spiral storage silo is also known as the Lipp steel silo. The silo body mainly adopts galvanized coil, which is made by a one-time production of a spirally rising nipple of a roll silo construction equipment. The equipment needed to build a spiral steel silo includes: decoiling machine, bending machines, forming machines, load-bearing brackets, connecting frames, etc. The forming machine mainly bends the sheet material and initially processes the molding surface, and bends the material into the required diameter of the silo. The bending machine bends, bites, and rolls the matched sheet together while spirally winding.

How is a spiral storage silo built?

1. The construction content of the spiral spiral silo The spiral steel silo system mainly consists of the inlet, the top platform, the standard strip, the strip between the purlins, the top cover, the platform fence, the bead, the briquettes, the manhole of the warehouse, and the ventilation. Port, temperature measuring hole, induced draft fan seat, induced draft fan, induced draft fan outlet elbow, warehouse top ladder, pole fence, upper ring, high strength bolt, support triangle block, warehouse seal, warehouse wall, rib, Studs, wall manholes, platforms, ladders, ventilation pipes, ventilators, blanks, bolts and sealants. The main project of the construction of the spiral steel silo is the steel silo cylinder. The auxiliary works mainly include the warehouse roof, the roof railing, the corridor, the ladder, the manhole door and the reinforcing ribs on the inner wall. Finally, the installation of the inbound and outbound equipment and electrical equipment.

2. Construction sequence of spiral steel silo The construction sequence of spiral steel silo is the reverse loading sequence. That is, the order from top to bottom. First make a warehouse roof, a top fence, etc., and then carry out the warehouse construction. As the continuous rolling of the silo body spirals upwards, in order to ensure the vertical force of the silo body, stiffeners are arranged step by step on the inner wall of the silo. After the warehouse body is rolled up to the design height, it will rotate back to the ground and open the hole door. Finally, the reinforcing ribs and the pre-forms on the foundation are welded to each other, and the construction of the spiral steel silo is completed. If several steel silo tops are combined and connected by a corridor, it is only necessary to connect the passages of each bin one by one during the steel silo construction process.

During the steel silo construction process, the coiled sheet is sent to the forming machine by the uncoiler, and the material is processed by the forming machine to be initially formed, and the material is bent into the arc required for the diameter of the silo, and then the material is bent by the bending machine. Bite and roll together to form a spiral undercut of 30-40mm width. In the winding process of the cartridge body, a bite spiral undercut formed on the outer wall 5 times the thickness of the material greatly enhances the load carrying capacity of the cartridge body. The spiral steel silo is made by bending, forming, splicing and bending with special equipment. Because it is fully mechanized automatic undercut, the construction speed is fast, the appearance is beautiful, the inner wall is smooth, the sealing is good, the overall strength stiffness.

3. Spiral steel silo construction process. The steel silo construction process include: the pre-embedded parts of the inspection warehouse base → the reference line of the central point of the warehouse; the positioning of the warehouse equipment → the fixed running frame and the top of the pallet The platform is installed to calculate the height of a silo body volume to 1m high (left and right) → cut on the warehouse body → install the lower ring → make the warehouse top a warehouse volume to the design height → withdraw the equipment and materials → cut down → drop silo → Make a manhole in the silo wall → Fix the ribs → Remove the equipment and the running frame. The roll installation of the bin is a process of continuous control of the production. The rolling installation process of the warehouse body is also the installation process of the reinforcement wall of the warehouse wall. The two are crossed. After the height of the silo is set, the first ring of reinforcing ribs is installed, and then the silo is rolled to a certain height to install the second. The ribs are looped so that the cycle reciprocates until the height of the steel slab roll design.

auxilliary equipment  of steel silo

4. In addition to the built-in silo, the installation of the screw-type steel silo in and out of the warehouse equipment and electrical equipment should also be equipped with supporting technical machinery and equipment. Including: mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, automatic control systems, testing equipment, monitoring equipment and technical services. Machinery and equipment include grain feeding machinery (unloader, ship unloader, belt conveyor, air cushion belt conveyor, buried scraper conveyor, bucket lifter, etc.); grain-loading machinery (cage auger, clearing scraper, loading) Machine, ship loader, packing machine, belt conveyor, scraper, etc.); weighing machinery (ground balance, truck scale, railway scale, mechanical scale, electronic scale, etc.); cleaning machinery (self-balanced vibrating screen, plane rotary screen , squirrel cage screen, cone screen, grading screen, magnetic separator, etc.); ventilation machinery (including ventilation and dust removal, mechanical ventilation, pneumatic conveying, cleaning equipment, etc.); storage equipment (sampler, applicator and fumigation device, etc.). The installation of these technical machinery and equipment is completed, and the steel silo construction process can be completed. The steel storage silo can carry out the test work of loading, unloading, transportation, cleaning, weighing and other tasks.

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