Advantages of Flyer galvanized steel silos

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galvanized steel silo

Advantages of galvanized steel silos

1. Overall performance and long service life.
During the construction process, the galvanized steel silo is completely constructed by special equipment. During the rolling process, the outer wall of the galvanized steel silo is bitten into a spiral rib of 5 times the thickness of the material and 30 mm to 40 mm wide, which greatly strengthens the silo body. The bearing capacity makes the overall strength, stability and shock resistance of the steel silo superior to other silos. In addition, the material of the steel silo body is selected according to the requirements of the storage material against corrosion and grinding strength, so that its normal service life is 15-20 years. Far more than the life of other silos. The galvanized steel silo is calculated according to the ring pull to calculate the thickness of the tank, the thickness can up to 4.0 mm, and the thinnest steel can reach 2.0 mm.
2. The galvanized steel storage silo has good airtight performance and wide application.
Since the steel silo is bent and bite by special equipment for the roll warehouse, it can ensure the quality of any part of the warehouse body in the process, so its sealing is particularly good, and it can store powder, such as cement, fly ash, slag ultrafine powder, etc. Materials are widely used in the building materials industry can be stored. Galvanized steel storage silo are wildly used in many area. such as grain and oil processing industry: oil plant, flour mill, feed mill, starch plant, rice plant, etc.; brewing industry: winery, brewery, alcohol plant, etc.; grain trade industry: port, logistics, grain storage, etc.; breeding industry: raising Chicken farms, pig farms, etc.
3. The galvanized steel silo has a short construction period and low cost.
Spiral steel silo is on-site construction, warehouse roof installation. The construction and bending line speed of the construction equipment of Lipp silo can reach 5 m/min. It does not require scaffolding and other auxiliary facilities, so the construction period is extremely short. The spiral steel silo is made of thin steel plate, and the weight is only equivalent to the weight of the steel bar of the same capacity reinforced concrete silo, which greatly reduces the cost. In addition, because it can bend and shape two different materials inside and outside the cylinder by double-layer bending method, it can greatly reduce the engineering cost for storing corrosive materials in chemical industry and environmental protection industries.
4. Galvanized steel plate warehouse covers a small area and is easy to manage.
The galvanized  steel silo is different from other steel silos, and the height and diameter are arbitrarily selected within a larger range. The distance between the two warehouses is as small as 500 mm, making full use of space and reducing the floor space.
The spiral steel silo has a high degree of automation, and is equipped with equipment such as temperature measurement and material level, which is very convenient for users to manage. The continuous spiral undercut of the high-strength steel silo is five times larger than the thickness of the base metal, which greatly enhances the anti-load capacity of the steel silo.

The steel coil of Flyer

HBIS coil steel
Flyer promises our customers that we never use unqualified galvanized sheet or steel stiffener. We have long term cooperation with HBIS. HBIS is one of the largest steel supplier in China and took part in the construction of the Olympic stadium in Beijing. All the  galvanized sheet meet the national standard of 200g/m². Our galvanized sheet can reach 275g/m². It mean our galvanized is much more anti corrosion. We also have 400g/m² galvanized for special needs.
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