Comparsion between concrete storage silo and lipp steel silo

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Comparsion between steel silo and concrete silo

A lot of customers always have trouble in make a decison between conceret silo and steel silo. Today, we are going to make a comparsion between conceret silo and steel silo to provide you a better understanding.

comparsion between conceret silo and steel silo

Technical performance comparison between Lipp Silo and Concrete Silo are shown in the table below.

No. Item Lipp Silo Concrete Silo
1 Air Tightness Good air tightness, can store liquid Good air tightness
2 Service Life More than 20Years More than 50 Years
3 Construction Method Imported equipment, mechanical operation Sliding mode construction
4 Maintenance Work Regular maintenance, small amount of maintenance No need to maintain
5 Appearance Aesthetic Commonly
6 Meteorological requirement Construction is not affected by the weather Construction affected by the weather
7 Environmental requirements for construction Less More

how to choose a silo

Advantages of Flyer steel silo

  • First, good overall performance and long service life. In the process of construction, the steel silo is completely constructed by special and advanced equipment. During the rolling process, the outer wall of the silo is bitten into a spiral rib that is 5 times the thickness of the material and 30 mm to 40 mm in width, which greatly enhances the load on the silo body. The ability to make the steel silo's overall strength, stability, and shock resistance better than other silos. In addition, according to the requirement of anti-corrosion and grinding strength of storage materials, the steel silo body material department selects the excellent plate ratio so that its normal service life can reach 30-40 years. Far more than the life of other silos.
  • Second, good air tightness and wild application. Since the steel silo adopts special equipment for bending and construction, it can ensure the quality of any part of the silo body in the process, so its sealing is particularly good, and it can store cement, fly ash, slag ultrafine powder and other powders. Steel storage silos are widely used in the building materials industry. Such as cement plants, power plants, grinding stations.
  • Third, short construction period and low cost. Spiral folded steel silo is on site construction. The construction and bending line speeds of Lipp construction equipment can reach 5m/min. Scaffolding and other auxiliary facilities are not required, so the construction period is extremely short. Spiral folded steel silos are made entirely of sheet steel and weigh only as much as the steel bars of the same capacity reinforced concrete silo, which greatly reduces the cost. In addition, because it can bend and shape the two different materials inside and outside the barrel by the double-layer bending method, the construction cost for storing corrosive materials in industries such as chemical and environmental protection can be greatly reduced.
  • Fourth, small footprint and easy management. Unlike other steel silos, the spiral folded steel silo can be arbitrarily selected in a wide range of heights and diameters. The distance between the two silos is as small as 500 mm, making full use of space and reducing the floor space. The high degree of automation of the spiral steel silo is accompanied by equipment such as temperature measurement and material level, which is very convenient for users to manage.
  • Fifth, high strength. The continuous spiral undercut of the steel silo is five times the thickness of the base metal, which greatly enhances the anti-loading capacity of the steel silo.
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