Daily maintenance of large-scale steel silos is essential

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The steel spiral silo is now widely used because of its own advantages, many people do not pay attention to the usual steel silo maintenance or poor maintenance leading to the poor effect of the use of steel silos, some problems should not occur. The steel silo in the use process should to pay attention to daily maintenance, maintenance is particularly important. As the saying goes, 70 % maintenance, 30% repair. It can be seen that the importance of equipment maintenance in the use of the process, then the steel silo construction manufacturers Flyer will share the experience of how to maintain the steel silo in our daily life?
maintenance of steel silo

How to maintain a steel silo?

1. Check and repair the top deck of the steel plate silo to prevent the feed hole, platform plate, and the rainproof ring from leaking rain. The appearance of the components will cause rust spots, etc. If there are rust spots, it should be handled in time.
2. Regularly check the top of the welded steel plate silo and the top weld of the steel plate silo, and determine the necessary anti-corrosion treatment according to the inspection conditions.
3. Examine the condition of the rust of the concrete hole in the cement silo (including ventilation holes, manholes, temperature measurement holes, and seats) and check the leakproof condition.
4. Inspection and maintenance of the steel plate body periodically check whether the top cover of the steel plate silo of the cement silo is intact and whether the fastening bolt is loose.
5. Each time the cement silo is filled or empty, it is necessary to check whether there is any deformation of the steel plate silo wall. Special sensitive observation of the sensitive parts such as the outrigger leg should be made carefully and archived. The corrosion of the wall of the steel plate wall is inspected every year, and the wall of the steel plate wall is subjected to anti-corrosion treatment according to the inspection conditions.
6. After each cement silo empty steel plate silo, the steel plate body shall be inspected, whether the tightness of the steel plate silo door is good, whether there is cracking phenomenon around the steel plate silo door, and check the connection condition between the reinforcing rib and the steel plate wall. In the case of a conical-bottom steel plate silo, check the rooting position of the conical bucket and perform corrosion or other treatment on the conical bucket according to the inspection conditions.
7. Every year, check the installation bolts of the straight ladders of cement silos for loosening prevention, check whether the materials used are damaged, and carry out anti-corrosion or other treatments according to the inspection conditions.
8. When the construction personnel enter the silo, two safety ropes are required, one of which is fixed on the outside dust collector bracket, and the other is fixed above the inside of the silo ladder. The construction scope of the designated construction scope shall not be exceeded. A temporary warning sign shall be installed on the steel plate silo to prevent any irrelevant personnel from entering the construction site. If high-altitude construction operations, such as building shelves, are to be strictly adhered to, relevant regulations for work-at-height should be strictly observed.
9. Workers entering the steel plate store should wear protective clothing, including goggles, dust masks, safety shoes, and safety helmets.
10. If there are special circumstances, special safety measures should be formulated before construction.
11. The lighting fixtures in the library shall be entered into the hole from the middle of the top of the library. The cleaning personnel shall not touch the lighting tools and lines.
12. When entering the cleanup in the cement steel plate silo, the proportion of the number outside the library and the number inside the silo should be greater than 2:1. The outside should be assigned special person to guard.
13. Observe the situation of stockpiling in the silo and the firmness of the ladder inside the library and the situation of the top of the silo from the top of the library at the top of the library, and confirm the safety before entering.
14. After the steel plate silo is cleaned up, the construction site is completely cleaned and the construction is completed.
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