How to clean fly ash steel storage silo?

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Before using the fly ash steel silo, we need to know some knowledge about the precautions, so as to ensure the safe use of the fly ash steel silo. The correct use will not bring damage to the fly ash steel silo, so we must understand the knowledge of this aspect. What are the precautions for the use of the fly ash steel silo? In order to ensure that everyone can better use the fly ash steel silo, let us learn about it together.
how to clean fly ash silo

What you need to pay attention during the usage of fly ash steel silo?

      1. Before the initial loading of the fly ash steel silo, it is necessary to adopt a mandatory dry method such as ventilation and drying in the silo to avoid the appearance of material binding in the steel plate warehouse.
      2. Before feeding of the fly ash steel silo for the first time, it is necessary to clean the inside of the warehouse to avoid bricks, slag, concrete blocks, wood boards and other debris blocking the pipeline inside the storage floor and the transportation pipeline.
      3. Before the start of the fly ash steel plate warehouse top dust collector, check the top air conditioning pipeline to recognize that it can open the dust collector fan when it is dredged. Otherwise, it may form a serious consequence of the large silo being sucked.
      4, The cement, fly ash should have iron removal equipment to prevent iron slag and mill tail calcination into the warehouse and affect the discharge.
      5. Ensure that the gas supply pipe return valve is safe and secure. When the feeding is stopped, the air supply valve of the transmitter is opened in the absence of air pressure in the air supply pipe, and then the air supply pipe is prevented from being blocked by the air delivery pipe due to the returning of the gas.
silo cleaning

How to clean the fly ash steel silo? 

1. The fly ash steel silo shall be installed with temporary warning signs in the construction scope, and shall not be constructed beyond the specified construction scope, and unrelated personnel shall be prohibited from entering the construction site.
2. Close the fly ash storage pipeline and tie it with iron wire and hang the warning sign.
3. When the fly ash is not in the grinding, the downstream equipment such as the bottom rotor scale is hit to the inspection position.
4. The lighting fixtures in the silo are taken into the holes from the middle of the top of the silo, and the cleaning personnel must not touch the lighting tools and wiring.
5. When entering the cleaning of the fly ash steel silo, the ratio of the number of people outside the warehouse to the number of people in the warehouse should be greater than 2:1, and the outside should be assigned a special person for monitoring.
6. Observe the condition of the stock in the warehouse and the solid condition of the ladder inside the warehouse and from the top of the silo door, and confirm the safety before entering.
7. Workers entering the fly ash steel silo should wear protective equipment, including goggles, dust masks, labor insurance shoes, safety helmets, etc.
protection of the worker
8. When the personnel enter the fly ash steel silo, two safety ropes are required, one is fixed on the outer dust collector bracket and the other is fixed on the ladder inside the warehouse.
9. When starting the clearing, look at the flow and feed the mill; if the flow is too small, install the pipe in the upper pipe of the rotor scale, and mix the fly ash with the mixed slag to make the mixture.
10. Firstly use the iron rod and compressed air at the bottom of the library to carry out the dip; then use the compressed air to blow at the top of the library; after entering the warehouse, use the compressed air to blow, the long stick to dip, and then use the shovel, shovel, etc., just started When people are far from the material, be careful not to dip.
11. If you need to build a shelf in the library, you should strictly abide by the relevant regulations on high-altitude operations.
12. It is forbidden to use explosives to clean the fly ash silo.
13. If there are special circumstances, special safety measures should be formulated before construction.
14. The fly ash steel silo is cleaned up. After the experience is passed and the construction site is cleaned up, the construction is over.
15. Matters not covered, refer to relevant safety management regulations and relevant regulations.
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