Selection method of supporting equipment for steel silo

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The selection of supporting equipment for steel silo is very important. For example, horizontal transportation can use buried scraper conveyor or belt conveyor. Which equipment is better, futher analysis and comparison are needed.
The advantage of the buried scraper conveyor is that it can be discharged at multiple points, the sealing performance is good which effect that the belt conveyor can not be reached, so it is more suitable to select the buried scraper conveyor on the top of the steel silo. In addition, the belt conveyor has the advantages of reducing material breakage, allowing long-distance transportation and power consumption. Therefore, in industries with high material crushing requirements, such as the wet-processed starch industry, only belt conveyors can be provided, and buried scraper conveyors cannot be used.
belt conveyor
Therefore, the selection of steel silo equipment is very critical in the process of silo design. Choosing unsuitable equipment can not only meet the requirements of the process, but also cause irreparable damage.

How to choose silo supporting equipment?

  • The output of the equipment is matched with the function: the large amount of transportation depends on the capacity of the steel silo and the ability to enter and exit the grain. The storage capacity is matched with the subsequent main workshop. Choosing too large equipment will not only cause equipment investment waste, but also the operating cost. But devices that are too small will often have traffic jams. In the current port bulk grain steel silo, the general type of ship is between 5,000 tons and 6,000 tons, usually involving 1000t / h of production capacity to meet the capacity of loading and unloading ships, otherwise there will be port detention. In grain and oil processing plants, it depends on the ability of the car to unload grain. Generally, the efficiency of bagged grain unloading grain is low, and the efficiency of bulk grain unloading grain is high.
  • Consider sufficient steel silo equipment maintenance space: The steel silo equipment maintenance space is a very important consideration in the process of silo design. Because the steel silo equipment needs normal maintenance, it requires sufficient space for the operator. Such as the replacement of bearings, the replacement of cleaning sieves, and the maintenance of motor idlers.
  • Electric control room position: It is better to set up a separate room in the electric control room. It can also be set in the working tower or under the steel silo, but it must be in a closed environment, no dust can enter, otherwise it will affect The life of electrical components and serious safety accidents.
silo control room

How to increase the service life of grain steel silo supporting equipment?

This is a question that all customers will think of, let me tell you today. All customers want to buy a set of worry-free equipment, because such equipment has low failure rate, low maintenance rate, can save maintenance costs and increase the service life.
      Steel silos and vertical silos generally have supporting equipment, hoists, scrapers, belt conveyors, etc. These are the most basic configurations. Customers with high storage requirements will also have cleaning equipment such as drum screens and vibrating screens. color sorting machines, dust removal equipment, pulse dust removal, suction separators, etc., then what do we need to pay attention to when choosing steel silo supporting equipment?
  • First: look at the thickness of the board, look at the material of the silo supporting equipment. Whether it is conveying equipment, or cleaning equipment, they alll use steel board. The main difference of high quality supporting equipment and low quality silo supporting equipment comes from the procurement links and the choice of raw materials, many In order to save costs and expand the price advantage, manufacturers often lower the standard in material selection. The products with low prices appearing on the market are some non-standard products. The steel plates used are non-standard steel plates, and the accessories used are non-standard accessories. Without the raw materials provided by regular manufacturers, the service life and use effect of the equipment will definitely be greatly affected.
  • Second: look at the accessories, look at the manufacturers, now in this era of globalization, all manufacturers in order to improve production efficiency, will longitudinally purchase the necessary equipment for production equipment, such as sprocket and bucket used in scraper and conveyor , scraper, and motor to transmit power, reducer, electronic control equipment, etc. These accessories are invisible in the inside of the equipment, but directly affect the use effect and service life of the product, and the output is up to standard. The key point is that when you buy, you can see weather the manufacturers of these accessories is a better supplier in China, so you can judge the quality of the equipment manufacturers, and reduce the failure rate in the future use. It is more worry-free, it also reduces the cost of maintenance and improves the efficiency of use.
  • Third: look at the combination of product compatibility, good products and equipment in the process of installation and assembly, must have a good degree of fit, if the matching equipment does not match the size of the installation process, it will not have a good use effection.
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