The development and current condition of grain silo

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Grain silo is also called grain bin, it is a container used to store grain. The grain silo is wildly used in large farm, food reserve center, food processing factory and so on. Grain silos are common seen in plain areas.

The history of grain storage steel silo

Since the late 8th century BC, according to the archaeological and ancient literature, they has documented that the ancient has already uses a silo to store stuff. The word “silo” is an evolution of Greek word “Siros”, which means holes that used to keep grains from wet and bugs. The first modern silo is designed and built by Fred Hatch of McHenry County, Illinois, USA in the year of 1873. In the early 20th century, steel storage silo are wildly used and almost take the place of other types of silo in grain storage industry. From then on, about 95% of steel silos are used in the United State. Steel storage silo design and construction technology did not reach the development of the steel silo in the USA.
grain storage silo

The development of silo construction material

The first silo is made of wood. With the development of silo construction technology, steel has already take the place of wood. Steel has the advantage of long service life, more stable and others. Dating from the early 20th century, steel silo has been widely applied in western countries. Flyer has long term cooperation with the well known steel supplier, Handan Iron and Steel company. We use steel sheets with uniform thickness and galvanized with 275g/㎡of zinc. The material we use is reliable with the best quality in China..

The development of grain storage silo

Grain silo has experienced there generation since it is common used. The first generation is the appearance of steel silo, it has soon been replaced because of the small size. The second generation of steel silo is also called assemblage steel silo. This kind of steel silo has been largely improved but still with some problem, the loading and unloading device is not intelligent enough that needs manual intervention. The third generation of steel silo is spiral steel silo, also called Lipp silo, is bend by special equipment. It has the advantage of high intense and anti corrosion.
To build a spiral steel silo doesn’t need too much time and cost. The construction of steel silo is simple and fast, it also doesn’t need too much labor, which can greatly decrease the cost of constructing a silo. Now the spiral steel silo is widely applied in the areas of industry, agriculture and environmental protection and so on.

How to use a grain silo properly?

Grain silos are usually large and tall, so they need to equip with high tech delivery equipment. Vertical elevators are commonly used in the transportation of grain. First the elevator transports grains to the top of the silo, then it makes full use of the gravity and causes grain to flow into the silo. When unloading grains, there is an opening at the bottom near the center. There is a machine called auger at the opening to transport the grain to other grain storage facility.
bucket elevator
A temperature measuring device is also needed inside the grain silo to monitor the temperature inside grain silo and make sure grain stored in a proper condition. When grain temperature changes, a mobile blow ventilation device will be started for the safety storage. Therefore grains in the silo can be stored safely without any effect from outside.
It is easy to find bugs in grain, you can read this passage: Why grain silos need ventilation and fumigation?
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