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Water tank

wastewater treatment

The word water tank says it all. A water tank is suitable for storing large quantities of water. A water tank is a giant barrel that can contain a huge quantity of water. The water stored in a water tank can be used for various purposes.

A water tank may have different ways of usage. A water tank can also store other material, it can also be used for grain houses. Mostly, the water tank we build are used in the area of waste water treatment.

As we can find that water tanks are always large. Event they are slarge, they can be constructed easily. You can hardly image that when you see such a large water tank, but it doesn’t need to much workforce. No cranes are needed when installing a water tank. It is constructed of different curved metal sheets.

During construction of a water tank, durability is taken into account, which makes a water tank last for years. In addition it is protected against corrosion. A special coating is applied with the intention to resist corrosion in the water tank. We see to it that no corrosion takes place in water tanks. We has manufactured this special coating, called ‘galvanize coat’, protecting the water tanks against corrosion.

Storage of water in a water tank is ideal way of water storage. The water will remain cool in a water tank since it is protected against UV radiation.

There are different sizes of water tanks. If you wish to know which water tank is suitable for you, please contact us. We always have a water tank that fits your situation.

Waste water teatment tank

The wastewater treatment technology has made great progress in recent years, as known by all people wastewater treatment is to remove the impurities in water and reduce the concentration of such contaminants so that the water can be reused. One of the most important uses is returning water that has been used back into the natural environment without adverse ecological impact.

There was one enviormental protection project built by Flyer. This is a wastewater treatment project constructed in Jilin, China. By the river of Songuha River, lies four wastewater treatment silo, they are in the same size of 16 meters wide and 14meters high.

water tank

Advantages of wastewater treatment tank

  • Superior material & strong resistance to corrosion

Flyer insists on using superior quality galvanized steel sheet for constructing wastewater storage tanks. These high quality sheets are supplied by Handan Iron and Steel Company. The sheet is in uniform thickness and galvanized with 275g/㎡of zinc with high corrosion resistance. Galvanized steel coil and stainless steel clad plate can be used as materials for building the storage tank.

  • Short construction period &lower prices

Flyer uses professional equipment to manufacture the wastewater tank. With special equipment for bending and seaming, the sealing of the tank is particularly good. Using the advanced technology and equipment, we can provide a shaping speed of 3-5m per minute, so a wastewater tank with a capacity of 1000 tons could be done within 5-7 days. We use bilayer bending method to bend and shape two different sheet materials at one time, so the cost for storing strong corrosive materials in chemical industry can be largely reduced.

  • Cost-effective investment

With trained and experienced team players, the construction period is rather short. The sewage tank is constructed on site and the silo’s roof can be installed on the ground. Short duration can be guaranteed for on-site construction during the whole procedure.

During the rolling process, the silo wall undercut a 30mm-40mm spiral convex strip, which is 5 times thicker of the material. It helps improve the tank's loading capacity and makes the steel water tank better than others in overall strength, stability and earthquake resistance.

Besides, Flyer uses high anticorrosive material which makes the silo’s working life much longer than that of the others. Once you choose Flyer wastewater tank, you’ve made the right decision to get the most cost-effective investment.

  • Free choice of the height and diameter

Compared with other similar manufacturers, Flyer provides wastewater storage tank with free choices of the height and diameter within a wider range. To save space, the distance between two tanks can be narrowed to 500mm.

  • Combined with environmental protection

As the key component of the wastewater treatment system, wastewater storage tank is widely used by the wastewater treatment plants, government environmental protection and residents themselves. The application of wastewater storage tank can greatly reduce the sewage discharge phenomenon.

Flyer, as a part of environmental protecting action, the wastewater storage tank we produced truly realizes the combination of environmental protection and economy.

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