What may cause collapse of cement storage silo

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collaspse of steel silo

A large number of steel silos collapsed, except for natural disasters, which are more man-made disasters. The collapse of large steel silo should be aside from the objective conditions, there are certain human factors. I don't know if you have noticed it.

1. The design flows of steel storage silo.

It was found that most of the design strength of the collapsed steel silos was seriously insufficient. Many of these steel silos had serious shortages in either the circumferential tensile strength or the vertical compressive strength. In particular, the stability is poor.

2. The structure of the steel is unreasonable and the load indicators are improperly selected.

Different steel silos have different forces on the steel silo wall due to different materials stored in the silo. At the same time, the top load of the steel silo is also very different. The design must be carried out according to the material characteristics. Each steel silo design should not only be designed according to the material characteristics, but also must be designed according to the characteristics of the industry, otherwise it will be easy to collapse. The steel silo in the building materials, grain and petroleum industries should not be used after inspection.

3. Low temperature environmental effection

Low temperature on the collapse of the steel silo is an important incentive, but it can be said that it is not the decisive factor. Otherwise, any steel silo and steel structure in most cold areas of China can not be used normally, and it has already frozen. In the collapsed steel silo, it has been subjected to brittle fracture at the fracture site of a few steel plates. The steel plate is “frozen and bad”, but most of the collapsed steel silo is limited in design, resulting in local damage of the steel silo. After causing collapse. For the steel silo used in low temperature environment, the structural design must fully consider the influence of expansion and contraction on the structure. The structural design is reasonable and the strength is sufficient. The destructive force of the low temperature environment can be eliminated, and the structure can be safely used. When low-temperature steel is selected in a low environment, the safety of the steel silo is more secure.

4. Unreasonable material selection

The Q235B plate is generally used in the collapsed steel silo. The steel plate bin can be safely used when the strength design is sufficient. However, the use of the low temperature steel plate under the same strength is beneficial to avoid the cold storage of the steel silo during use. The occurrence of brittleness and the possibility of structural damage are greatly reduced. Therefore, in the process of new construction and reinforcement, it is recommended to use low temperature plates, which is safe and beneficial to reduce the cost.

poor quality of steel coil

5. Construction quality defects

In recent years, due to the accelerated construction speed of steel silos, there are many incomplete construction management problems. In addition, some users have insufficient preparation in advance, and they want to put them into use as soon as possible during construction. As a result, construction units cannot carry out construction at normal speed, and quality is difficult to guarantee; On the other hand, due to the uneven technical level of the construction unit, the construction unit chose to save the investment and choose the low-priced unit, which further led to the decline of the quality of the project. Therefore, several steel silos were built at the same time. The quality is slightly better and then fell. In this case, even if the previous design and material selection are done well, the quality of the construction behind is not good, and it is not surprising that the steel warehouse has an accident.

6. Improper use

In some factories, in the process of using the steel silo, the steel silo can be arbitrarily increased the load on the storage body, such as adding equipment to the top of the reservoir, increasing the load on the corridor or the corridor, and increasing the load during loading (mostly due to design When the volume is rich, the strength is rich and insufficient, the load on the side of the reservoir is increased, and the storage body is freely opened. These practices increase the probability of accidents and require high vigilance.

Therefore, in summary, the collapse of the steel silo may have certain natural environmental factors, but the root cause is still human factors. To put it bluntly, the construction quality of the steel silo is not up to standard. Therefore, in order to avoid such things from appearing, we must choose professional, skilled steel silo construction manufacturers,

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