Why feed bins can keep feeds keep for longer time?

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There are always questions about why choose feed bin instead of other grain bin. People choose feed bin because it has some certain flash points itself, also there are some flaws. Compared with the flash points, its defects are already negligible.
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How to select feed steel bin?

In general, the steel bin is definitely more complete because of its own characteristics, and certainly prevents the influence of moisture and other factors. Therefore, it is also more and more popular among all people, but everyone In the face of many brands of feed bins is hard to decide which one to choose because they look the same. I will introduce some of the usual tips for choosing a feed storage bin.
First, when purchasing the feed bin, it is necessary to carefully check the texture pattern and the tissue size of the steel silo. Normally, the silo wall of the feed steel silo is formed by welding with steel plates.
Secondly, when purchasing the feed bin, it is necessary to carefully check the discharge of feed bin. Normally, the corridor of the discharge will have a considerable correlation according to the size of our bin.

How is the feed storage bin ventilated and dry?

It can be said that due to the special effects of the feed storage bin, the feed can be preserved relatively well, which is very popular. However, when we use the feed storage bin, we will find such a problem, that is, how can the feed storage bin be satisfactorily ventilated and dried.
This may be a problem that most people also attach great importance to. Therefore, Today Flyer steel silo supplier will give you a brief explanation of how to be able to ventilate and dry the feed storage bins satisfactorily.
vilation of feed silo
First, reduce the temperature ventilation If we want to ventilate and dry the feed storage bin, we can reduce the temperature ventilation. In fact, we can use the exhaust fan to circulate and exhaust to reduce the temperature of the feed storage bin.
In addition, in order to satisfactorily reduce the temperature, we can also open the exhaust fan to reduce the temperature. In addition, we can also arrange the exhaust fan at the top of the feed bin to satisfactorily adjust the temperature of the top of the feed bin. In order to avoid overheating of the top, causing damage to the surface feed. In addition, ventilation and precipitation can also be used to adjust the temperature of the feed storage bin. The purpose of this is to prevent the storage bin from being too dry. If we take a large amount of ventilation, we can take this type. The method of ventilation and precipitation can achieve 200% precipitation in front of this type of blowing and suction. It can be said that this type of method is often used in the ventilation and drying of current feed storage silos.
It can be said that during the period of ventilation and drying of the feed storage bin, you need to use more of the previous method to achieve better ventilation and drying effect.
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