2000 tons wastewater storage silo in Jilin, China

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wastewater treatment silo

  • Size: Ф16m×H14m

  • Capacity: 2000 tons

  • Quantity: 4 complete silos

  • Application: Wastewater treatment

  • Location: Jilin, China

This is one of our enviormental protection project that built in Jilin, China. There are 4 silos to store wastewater. The diameter of each silo is 16m and the height is 14m.

This project is mainly used in wastewater treatment. The Songhua River is one of the seven major rivers in China. This river gave birth to fertile land and raised a large population. However, with the development of secondary industry, the economy of Jilin has icreased alot, the air pollution and water pollution also bring a lot of inconvenience and bad side to residents who lives by the river.

Nowadays, people pays more attention on enviorment protection than economy growth, more and more wastewater treatment factories are built to improve the water and process city wastewater to the river.

It is an honor that Flyer can offer support to enviorment protection, we are looking forward to build more enviormental protection projects.

wastewater treatment silos

Flyer enviormental steel silo

Flyer steel silo equiped with many other supporting equipment such as bucket elevator, delivery system, cleaning up system, drying system, temperature measurement system, ventilation and fumigation system and so on. You are welcome to visit our factory or send us e-mail to know more about us.
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